Is Striving for Balance a Constant Struggle?


When I think of balance, I imagine optimum situations like “evenly distributed” or “steady” although sometimes it’s about keeping myself from falling down. In any case, trying to find and maintain balance can feel like a struggle. It requires constant mindfulness of internal shifts and external forces so that we may counteract them in some way to continuously maintain balance. It can feel like we are constantly striving to achieve balance rather than actually attaining it.

As a personal example, if I’m constantly taking action and outwardly expressing myself, then I’m not slowing down to go inside and reflect. I’m neglecting the moment and not appreciating it.  I’m not allowing myself to really feel good about what I have now, what I’m achieving, and I may forget to express my gratitude. At the same time, I can get so caught up in feeling good in the present that I’m not focusing on my goals and i’m not taking the necessary steps to achieve them. I feel like I become stagnant. I may be failing to take some necessary action because I’m avoiding the possible anxiety or stress that can accompany tasks and timelines because I’m so caught up in just feeling good right now.

I believe it’s important to have a goal, believe in it, visualize it, and feel as though it’s already been achieved.  When we do this, we are planting the seed, watering it, caring for it, and allowing it to germinate. This intention activates the processes already within ourselves that draw upon our experiences, knowledge, observations, intuition, and environment to generate and create ideas in support of the goal. Even with the awareness of risks and possible consequences, we must take action in the face of the fear of failure (among others) in order to start the chain of events necessary to cause the goal to come into fruition.  From this, we have created an expectation. We have an expectation for something to be created. We are desiring a given outcome and I believe that the forces of the universe will conspire to make it a reality for us so long as our intentions are driven with positive energy.

However, we must be careful that we do not become attached to a specific outcome. If we have strong expectations and we are attached to an outcome, we can be “let down” if things don’t turn out just the way we planned. This can feel like something is not working out right and the process has let us down. However, an outcome that is different from the original idealized goal can be a very good thing. We may get what we really need (love, happiness, peace, etc.) instead of what we thought we needed (a new relationship, a bigger car, more money, etc.). But, if we allow ourselves to feel let down, then we are failing to show gratitude for that which we have accomplished which probably would never have happened had we not had the original goal and taken the necessary action in the first place.

For me, balance lies in the art of having goals, making plans, and taking action while beholding the moment as much as I can and expressing gratitude for the infinitely wonderful things in my life. So, while balance may seem like a struggle, my advice is to embrace it. Be open to the wondrous possibilities that come your way. Be thankful for the opportunities and experiences. Show gratitude for that breath you just took.

“I breathe in the beauty of the world around me and exhale gratitude.” Me šŸ™‚


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